Mokens League Teams Up with Soulbound

Mokens League
3 min readJun 15, 2023


Mokens League partners Soulbound

We are excited to announce our partnership with Soulbound, the cross-ecosystem player reputation system. Together, we aim to foster a thriving gaming community and unlock the true potential of digital ownership.

At Mokens League, we aim to revolutionize the gaming industry using blockchain technology and NFTs. Collaborating with Soulbound takes our mission to new heights, offering immense benefits and enhancing the gaming experiences of our community members.

We are proud of our progress and grateful for the support from our community. The launch of our game, a thrilling soccer experience, is just around the corner, in Q3 2023, for Android and iOS platforms.

Join us on this journey with Mokens League and Soulbound as we redefine the gaming landscape, elevate play-to-own games, and reward your dedication.

Stay tuned for updates and get ready to unleash the power of digital ownership! 🚀

About Mokens League

Mokens League is a platform that contains a number of traditional sports video games using blockchain technology and NFTs. They are skill based multiplayer games to play online in real time. A soccer game will be launched in Q3 2023, as the first game, for mobile (Android and IOS). More sports will follow, also on other platforms such as PC.

We aim to revolutionize the gaming industry with our Free to Play and Play to Own games, as the evolution of the Play to Earn games. With Mokens League, players get rewarded when they win by competing and, while having fun, playing games at the same time.

Mokens League is developed by Monster League Studios, founded in 2021 by Martin Repetto (CEO), Maximo Radice (COO) and Esteban Olivera. We are proud to have an international, multidisciplinary and highly professional team with a long background around the digital tech, blockchain and gaming industry. As game developers and eSport gamers our passion is to play and build video games.

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About Soulbound

Soulbound is a cross-ecosystem player reputation system designed to support excellent players and communities from across web3. Using our platform, gamers can carry their gaming accomplishments across multiple titles, support organic communities, and unlock the potential behind digital ownership.

What is M-XP?

M-XP is your cross-reputational experience points for elite communities, games, and events. Once assigned, can never be sold, transferred, or removed. It must be earned. It does not, and never will, have any monetary value. Instead it unlocks benefits and opportunities across the best games and communities experimenting with digital ownership.

For more information on M-XP and future rewards and opportunities, come introduce yourself in the Soulbound Discord!

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Mokens League

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