Mokens League First Content Creators Tournament ⚽️ 🎮 🏆.

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Mokens League Content Creators first Tournament

We are excited to announce the first Content Creators Tournament hosted by us on February 23th. at 19:30h UTC+1 and February 24th. at 20:00h. UTC+1.

These 16 streamers will be competing for three of the first NFTs cups in Mokens League history:

@GonzaloDorrego, @GaboAlbor, @pepi_gercek, @CaBsCrypto, @ivX10, @Predz0rX, @Jagegamer85, @Brisa_Bit, Profedeinversion, @rosslite, @Ferasap, @Mirror1004, @swipyy0, @ishanxxi, @meowkasa_

They all love the game as much as our community. Mokens League is a fast paced eSport where each player controls a team that can have up to 4 NFTs per side. Our NFT characters, the Mokens have different stats and abilities, and can be upgraded to perform better and have more value. A good team composition is key to victory!

With the new spectator mode, Mokens League live streaming just got more interesting! You can now spectate custom matches using any of the predefined cameras or even control your own using the mouse + keyboard!

Mokens League is fun to play and to watch!

Each player of Mokens League Content Creator Tournament will play the tournament live on their twitch channel. The fun is guaranteed!!! Choose your favorite and and join his/her Twitch to cheer him/her up!!

New streams will also come soon on Mokens League Twitch. Stay tuned on our Discord and our Twitter to be updated.

See you on Twitch.

Go Mokens! 🚀

About Mokens League ⚽ 🎮 🏆

Mokens League is an eSports platform using blockchain technology and NFT. There are real-team multiplayer skill-based competition video games free-to-play and play-to-own. A soccer game will be launched in Q3 2023, as the first game, for PC and mobile. More eSports will follow, also on other platforms.

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