Mokens League Dev Update: #3

Mokens League
3 min readAug 2, 2022

Hi Mokeners!

Welcome to the 3rd “development update” about Mokens League!

As we mentioned in each development update our goal is to keep the community updated about The Project, The Team, and The Platform.

The company: New hires! Yes!! 🤩

We continue growing, and our team has a new addition! Javier Cuervo joined us to add experience, professionalism, and his own style too! ;)

The game:

Mokens Animations: We keep adding new animations for our Mokens!

The stadium: After the first iteration, where we integrate the stadium model, the team is still working on improving their game performance and visuals like fireworks, fans, and environment VFX.

Game Mechanics: We added new “team formations”, so you can change your game strategy to play in many ways. Also, as you will see we are working in tweak the mechanics already created, we keep focusing on improving them, so as result, the game will feel amazing 😍

Stun and shooting to goal mechanic:

Shooting to goal mechanic:

Dribbling and speed boost mechanic:

Jump and shooting mechanic:

The Replay system: Our developers are working on creating a replay system, so you can see again from different angles and cameras the goal you do! 😎

Game settings UI: The team is working on integrating the new UI, in this case, we design and implement the graphics setting.

The Platform:

The WEB3 team is working on deploying in the test-net different contracts to start testing the platform.
On the other hand, the web team is working on Moken’s marketplace.

About Mokens League

Win-To-Earn! Real-time multiplayer eSports using blockchain technology and NFTs to play competitively and win our tokens.

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