Mokens League Dev Update: #1

Mokens League
4 min readJul 1, 2022


Hi Mokeners! We’ll begin a series of development updates about the project, the goal is to keep the community updated about the work in progress and get feedback so we can iterate over it.

June was an amazing month for the Mokens League team, here’s a bunch of updates of what happened! 😁

About The Team: All of the core team of the Mokens League met in our offices in Spain, to boost the development and improve all the internal development processes. And believe us! We got amazing results in a very short time.

About The Game: On the other hand, the game is still in the early stages of development and our goal is to deliver a private demo that will become our Closed Alpha in Q4 2022.

Development details:

The team is working on:

  • "PC first" We are focused on improved PC gameplay experience; Our first target platform, but not the only one 😉
  • Design of our Mokens: Our NFTs! The heart and soul of the project 😍. We believe that it is of the utmost importance to achieve a unique identity and generate value for our Mokens. For this reason, the team is still iterating between different concepts and models to get the desired quality. By the way, we are so close to getting it!
  • 3D Models & Animations: Our team is working on bringing our Mokens to life.
Work in progress. May not represent the final game.
Work in progress. May not represent the final game.
  • Redesign of our user interface: As we mentioned, our goal is to release on the PC platform first, so we are working to get the best user experience possible.
Work in progress. May not represent the final game.
  • Controller support for PC: Our goal is to give the users a good game experience, so besides keyboard support, we are pleased to announce that Mokens League supports many different gamepads.
  • Stadium & Props: The Art Team is building stadiums and playing fields, taking advantage of the power of the modern PCs. Don’t worry, we are very mindful about performance 😜

The Platform:

  • Mokens League Platform: The web and game team is beginning to build our “Mokens League Plattform”, responsible for managing all the services needed for the game of the game, like matchmaking, users, rewards, and more.
  • NFTs Marketplace: We are also starting to build our own Mokens Marketplace, to give the user the chance to buy, sell and rent Mokens.

About Mokens League

Bridging eSports and NFTs, Mokens League games, which include soccer, tennis, basketball, hockey, and beach volleyball, work in a sustainable “play to win’’ environment that puts the focus back on gameplay, and quality, skill, and fun. This opposes the trend of a purely time-based reward system in most P2E games.

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Real-time multiplayer eSports using blockchain technology and NFTs for a Free-to-play and Play-to-own experience