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3 min readDec 16, 2022


We are excited to announce our partnership with IndiGG, India’s biggest gaming guild. They’re onboarding the 500M+ gamers of India to the Web3 gaming ecosystem and enabling earnings for the DAO members.

We are thrilled about this collaboration! We aim to be one of the most played casual eSports in India and this is the first step towards that goal.

This collaboration will enable soccer fans and gamers from all across India to play and compete with Mokens League and onboard the next generation of web3 competitions.

“We are thrilled to start collaborating with IndiGG and being able to bring Mokens League to the Indian gaming community.” Said Martin Repetto, CEO & Co-founder of Mokens League.

India has one of the largest gaming communities in the world. This partnership enables Mokens League to be discovered by millions of players and eventually convert them into Mokens League players.

“We are already organizing five small/medium tournaments at a grassroot level along with one central tournament for the IndiGG community”, says Juan Francisco Dalceggio, Chief Business Officer of Mokens League. “We wish to provide them not only lots of fun by playing and competing in our real time multiplayer soccer video game, but also become active members of our web3 environment.

In the following weeks, a Mokens League nationwide central tournament will be hosted in India by IndiGG. Further details will come soon. Follow our Twitter to stay tuned.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Mokens League, a real-time, football-themed competitive game built by a team that has years of demonstrated prowess in building content-rich, and fun-first games. The game has already become a community favourite,” says Abhishek Anand, Business Head at IndiGG. “We’re thrilled to bring Mokens League to the masses considering India has a massive audience for sports, particularly football. Together, we share the same vision, which is to bring quality games and leave behind a legacy for years to come!”

This partnership will make our communities grow not only by the organization of tournaments but also through other kinds of collaborations such as branded content inside our games and streamings and content creation with top Indian streamers and esports players.

Follow us for the upcoming news.


Mokens League is a eSports platform using blockchain technology started in 2021 by Monster League Studios LTD. There are real-time multiplayer skill based competition video games free-to-play and play-to-own. The soccer game will be launched in Q3 2023, as the first game, for PC and mobile. More eSports will follow, also on other platforms.

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IndiGG is building the world’s largest Web3 gaming DAO centered in India. They’re onboarding the 500M+ gamers of India to the Web3 gaming ecosystem and enabling earnings for the DAO members. IndiGG does this by partnering with the best gaming studios and developers globally and thereby increasing their probability of success by creating relevant micro-communities.

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