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Hi Mokeners! Do you want to know what retopology is and how we use it in Mokens League? Keep reading…

Retopology is the process used in the industry to get an optimized and playable model for the game. When a character or asset is created, it has a lot of polygons and it consumes too much resources in the game engine. This is called a high poly model.

With retopology, an artist can create a new mesh, following the high poly model, but with a very lower amount of polys, this it’s called “the low poly model”. This new model uses a meager amount of resources, so it’s playable. The amount of polys depends on the platform used to play.

In Mokens League, we use retopology to get low poly models that enhance the game’s optimization and improve the FPS (Frames Per Second).

We have different low poly models, depending on the platform. Computers allow characters with a little more polys than mobile platforms such as Android or iOS.

Retopology 3 Mokens League

In Mokens League, we create our Mokens in software and we export it as a high poly model. Then, an artist is the one in charge of doing the retopology. Once we have the low poly model, we only need to unwrap the UVs (axes of the 2D texture) and texturize it.

The Moken is ready to go out to the field! 😀

Retopology 4 Mokens League

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