Everything you need to know to pre-register in Mokens League!

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3 min readJul 27, 2022


Hi Mokeners!

Today, let’s talk about our pre-register process, how to do it successfully, and which benefits you get from it.

In order to get a spot in our $MOKA public sale and being able to access to our closed alpha lottery, you need to pre-register with us. To do so in Mokens League, you must have MetaMask installed. If you already have it, you can continue reading, if not, we recommend you to read this article!

To start you need to enter https://mokensleague.com/sign-up and follow a few steps detailed below:

First of all, you need to connect your wallet:

Press on “SIGN UP WITH METAMASK” button, (If you see a button that says “INSTALL METAMASK” it means that you need to install MetaMask before beginning the pre-register process).

When you press the “SIGN UP WITH METAMASK” button, MetaMask will show you a popup like this.

Choose an account that you desire to connect and click on “Next” button,

Now, click on the “Connect” button, and, if everything is okay, you will be able to start the pre-register process.

Pre-Register Flow:

Step 1: Add a valid email.

Step 2: Read and accept the wallet usage agreement.

Step 3: Link your crypto wallet and pre-register!

Paso 4: Success! 🤩🎉

To check if everything is okay you can go to https://mokensleague.com/ click on the “Pre-Register” button, connect your wallet and you will get a popup like this.

That’s all! Now you are pre-registered on our platform. We will notify you when the pre-register program is done, if we have more information about the token public sale, or anything related to the close alpha lottery.

About Mokens League

Win-To-Earn! Real-time multiplayer eSports using blockchain technology and NFTs to play competitively and win our tokens.

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Mokens League

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