📣 Calling all Mokeners to the Mokens League Tournament with Elixir Games! 🎮

Mokens League
2 min readMay 13, 2024


  • Mokens League Team is excited to announce an epic Tournament starting Wednesday, May 15 at 12:00 AM CEST to Friday, May 17 at 12:00 AM CEST.
  • To win the tournament, play the available matches and stay highest on the leaderboard.
  • Skill is key: win, score the most goals, and defend your goal! The more wins you have the more goals you score, and the fewer you receive, the higher you will climb on the leaderboard, and the more chances you will have to be.
  • among the best players who will share a prize of $5000 in $Elix Tokens!
  • Don’t forget to Save the dates and join the tournament.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to play Elixir Tournament matches, and check your leaderboard position.

  • Enter Mokens League, and go to the “PLAY” menu.
  • Select “ELIXIR TOURNAMENT” and press “PLAY.”
  • When the match ends, your result will be recorded on the leaderboard.
  • To check the leaderboard, head to the Elixir launcher, and look for the Mokens League event. Inside, you will find the leaderboard, where you can see your ranking, and make sure your completed matches are displayed on the leaderboard as a double-checking measure.

You can play a total of 60 matches during the 3 days that the tournament lasts.

  • You will have 20 tickets available per day.
  • Every day the tickets are reset. Therefore they are NOT accumulated with those of the next day.
  • Matchmaking: Players will be matched against others through the existing matchmaking system in a special game mode.
  • Match Settings: 2 halves of 1 minute each. No tie-breaker.
  • Scoring and Ranking: Performance in these matches will be tracked with a classic League scoring system (3 points for wins, 1 point for draws, 0 points for losses) and the total goal difference (Goals for — Goals against). This data is then reported to and displayed in the Elixir Tournament leaderboard.
  • Only completed matches will count in the leaderboard (you must finish the match and return to the main menu).

Reward distribution:

  • 1st rank = 1000USD in $Elix
  • 2nd rank = 750 USD in $Elix
  • 3rd rank = 500USD in $Elix
  • 4th rank = 250 USD in $Elix
  • 5–8th ranks = 125 USD in $Elix
  • 9–16th ranks = 70USD in $Elix
  • 17–32th ranks = 50 USD in $Elix
  • 33–64th ranks = 20 USD in $Elix


The Mokens League team.



Mokens League

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